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When we decided to write this record we had quite the challenge on our hands. Being our first e.p. we wanted to make something that we were truly proud of, and that had a production quality that did justice to ideas/concepts in the songs and was listenable. Consider this a freshman installment of a growing discography!

The idea behind the record is fairly simple. The concept of vessels and the juxtaposition between the decorative aspect and the practically of them has always been an interesting metaphor to us. The idea that a Dixie Cup (see what we did there), can be extremely decorated and look fairly nice, but can be completely empty is, in our opinion a very interesting metaphor for the human condition. Some people are all exterior, and lack the substance that allows them to mix with others are create something larger than them self (a fruit punch for the sake of the argument). Other people are all substance and hide it from the world (a lid on their cup). This e.p, you could say, is a documentation of us just trying to find a balance.


released December 22, 2012

Elias Armao-Vox/Guitars/Prod.
Joe Morales-Drums/Prod.
Ben Socolofsky- Guitars/Bass/Prod.

Special Thanks To:
Graham Mclean- Album Art
Jonothan Howard
Atticus Rex

Our amazing loving families!
We couldn't do anything we do without you!




all rights reserved


Weatherer Denver, Colorado

Weatherer is a band based out of Denver, CO. Thanks for being here. Have a listen, if you like what you hear keep it, if not send it right back.

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Track Name: Moonwalker
Walking like a fucking ninth wonder, trying to not feel so naive when its all really just Greek to me.

Standing tall for a dead man walking someone shot the sheriff and no ones talking. Look alive, cause everyone's watching, when your skin gets thin, don't look to me.

Moonwalker please, part the sea's and let me find home learn to leave well enough alone. constant tides wash away my lines consistent inconsistency. Leave jealousy out of this, she has no place here.
You and me and the devil made three.

Invincibility must get monotonous, cause Ive been a ghost before transparent to the core and when your bravery, is inconsistent take your armor made of sand let the waves carry it out and you find your bones,

Are stronger than you thought and there's got to be something to the speed that this all moves, because Ive been take take taking, my lungs for granted and trust me we've got nothing to lose.

(Emily Allison Sample)
Track Name: Men Working in Trees
My head's a prison, and no one visits. But I'm afraid to be defined by my vices.

See, I got love for the day job, and I got love for the sandbox, but within my mind the two refuse to co-exist.

But I can't say I miss it, bein' locked away in my head. But I'll never underestimate the power of sunlight again. So you can find me sippin' sunshine on the fault lines with my friends. And if you see Monday morning, tell him I said fuck him.

Weather me, 'cause I need to believe you're real. And my heart is yours to steal. And when you're buried in the dirt is when you find what you're worth.

And I won't sell my soul to the devil unless she talks dirty to me.

I don't got roses in my closet, skeletons will have to do. We've all seen the bottom, so tell me what the hell is wrong with you.

Weather me, 'cause I need to believe you're real. Yeah, my heart was yours to steal. When you're buried in the dirt is when you find what you're worth...
Track Name: Humming Bee
Someone should really take web MD away from me, 'cause I spent the better part of the morning convinced I was dying from the fuckin' West Nile virus.
In the past few days, my anxiety has proved to be quite petty, and there's so much darkness here.
Maybe the vultures are always circling right behind the curtain. Maybe it's just a question of magnification.
Hang your heart on those who will bear it and do the same. You either, you either keep your thoughts, or they keep you.
I don't know if i can bury this consciousness, 'cause I know I will always walk alone.
You don't want to follow me, where it is I'm going. So take your time and find your own peace of mind, on your own.
Two Harry Potters into a night spent with my loneliness. I finally realized I'm the luckiest son-of-a-bitch that ever lived.
If these walls could talk I'd be sure to quickly knock them down.
'Cause snitches get stitches and around here, traitors get thrown to the...
Maybe the vultures are always circling right behind the curtain. Or maybe it's a question of magnification.
Track Name: I'm Not Rachael Limon
Looks like the pot's calling the kettle yellow, because hell hath no fury quite like the suburbs. Straight from the pages of animal farm, it really begs the question:

Is there a human condition without conditions? and if so can you take me there? Only with words could you ever live so carelessly. It's too transient to hold.

Some will build bridges and some will build boats, but no one knows how wide the river goes. Speak your peace onto the earth, because only memories remain when your body is returned to the dirt.

Pictures painted in your true colors. A stone's throw from the person you swore you'd never be. Are you really who you said you'd be when you were 18?
Track Name: Still Life With Woodpecker
Right on the kitchen counter, we laid waste to our catholic names. Fugitives of the people, I swear we're no waste of space.
So gimme that good love. An escape I've never seen. Just you me and our socks, this place I never want to leave.
So let the light creep in and find me where I'm sleeping. I'm tired of being angry for no good reason. And when you get free, make sure they hear you. Don't worry about me, I'll see you on the other side.
She always says to drop the bass, full well knowing that we're too white to know what that means. There's no where else I'd rather be.
We did justice to our bodies, in the taillights of your car. She wrote love in the snow on my front lawn. She said you know better than to give me the world. She wrote love on my tongue. She knows I just keep trying. I choose not to move, tracing taillights from the curb. Cause the only place I wanna run to is to you.
If luck was a lady, I'd always thought she'd hate me. On December 3rd I met her. It was very much on the contrary. And when you get free, make sure they hear you. Don't worry about me... I'll see you on the other side.
Track Name: Albany
Did you know he'd do the same, that you did on to him? And when the time finally came to change that he'd submerge beneath the demons that you gave.

If you can hear me from your new reality just know, that I do not appreciate the anger and the sadness you and your lineage gave.

And it kind of makes you wonder if you really knew him all so well, you'd know he hasn't been so well at all, because to him your what he is to me and it breaks me heart that it doesn't break yours that you don't even know, at all.

And when your laying there sleeping in another persons life, does it even cross your mind? That you do not know your son, as the man he walks as every day and you do not know that pain and that's all so alright with you.

I'm beginning to believe that there ain't know such thing as a river that washes you clean. What if there's poison in the water?
Track Name: Party Fowl
And I know it's also beneath you. But so has been everyone in this room, but by all means keep doing what your doing. Shape-shifters run on PBR, they'll become anything you want to remain relevant to this backwards social scene.
(Bitch please)

Yeah, maybe I should learn to keep it to myself. Another unread book on the shelf. Tucked away behind the nightly personality, catalogues of which you skim through every day, trying to decide who to be that week. That shit ain't me. I prefer to let my substance show. But I'd like to thank you again for showing me nothin' new (and what not to do.)

Only animals in rattled cages have a reason to bare their teeth.

Swimming through this lack of you I realize no one here can never come close to your eyes. Since washing up on the shore of your paradise. I find myself never wanting to swim without you.

Yeah, maybe my priorities are fucked up. Maybe we've all just got bad luck. Maybe there are aliens among us. See all of those things have the same chance of bein' true. So why won't you take the avenue that leads to nothing be emptiness. All I'm saying is that if your body pays the bills, how could you ever be in true company. I was wondering, considering you're a man of idle hands, I would like to inquire as to who the hell gave you that soap box...
Track Name: What Has Nine Arms & Sucks?
Yeah I've been eatin' salad, been fallin' asleep in every chair that I sit down in, and lately I've been feelin' much more restless than young.

Coffee's cold, circlin' the drain on a monday afternoon. War and peace, their separation's just a lie we tell our children.

And I have no idea where I wanna be, but I know that it ain't here. So please stay close to me, 'cause I got thrift store mugs form places that I'm afraid I'll never see.